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Portfolio - Lynda Carson-Fizer

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Shaman.jpg (33810 bytes)

Shaman - Acrylic on canvas (35" x 36")


holymena.gif (13840 bytes)

Holymen - acrylic on canvas (36"x36").


indiana.gif (12911 bytes)

India - Gouache on illustration board (8"x10").


peaches.jpg (18839 bytes)

Acrylic on Canvas

patty.JPG (11000 bytes)

Acrylic on Canvas

gary2.JPG (11147 bytes)

Acrylic on Canvas

gnome1.jpg (9570 bytes)

Gnome - Gouache on illustration board. Detail of larger work (24"x30")


boot.jpg (122724 bytes)

Boots - Inkline on illustration board

carousel.jpg (8667 bytes)

Carousel Horse - Acrylic on Illustration Board - 24"x24"

carriaga.jpg (9352 bytes)

Vampyre Carriage - Acrylic on Canvas - 24"x30"

vampa.jpg (7351 bytes)

Vamp - Acrylic on Canvas - 20"x24"

Cut Flowers - Acrylic on Canvas - 33" x 36" - 1997


tiger.jpg (13030 bytes)

Gouache on Illustration Board

blktgr.jpg (6856 bytes)


Buddy - Gouache on illustration board


ship.jpg (16425 bytes)

Gouache on Illustration Board

LSU Tiger - Illustration was painted in gouache on illustration board

Hummingbirds - Gouache on illustration board


Victorian Santa - Gouache on illustration board

Pheasant - Gouache on illustration board

Ducks - gouache on illustration board

Black & White Cow - gouache on illustration board

Kitties - Gouache on illustration board -

the prototype for the illustration that follows....

More kittens - this illustration printed on a throw rug

sold over one million units


fox.gif (37383 bytes)


Fox - inkline on illustration board

22 Magnum - Inkline on illustration board

coffee.jpg (18539 bytes)

Coffee Pot - Inkline on illustration board

FA2.jpg (8269 bytes)

Acrylic on Canvas

yorks.jpg (103451 bytes)

Yorkies of Ireland - Acrylic 2005


wideman2.JPG (11029 bytes)

Acrylic on Canvas



stilogo.jpg (3641 bytes)

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